Five Business Technologies You Should Upgrade

As the old saying goes, the business world is like a shark. You have to keep innovating otherwise your business will die. This can also be true when it comes to the types of technologies that you use in the office.

As technology improves exponentially, there always comes a time when you will have to update what you already have. Whether you are a CEO, a COO, or even an office manager, it’s worth taking stock of what you have and figuring out the areas where your business could be improved. To learn more, read this complete guide to the business technologies that you should upgrade now!

Cloud technology

1. Cloud Technology

As your business gets bigger, you might find that the type of cloud capabilities that you have simply cannot deal with the larger amount of demand. This is definitely true after a large expansion or a merger with another team. It’s worth taking a look at the types of cloud technology you already use and figure out if it needs an upgrade. Amazon Web Services offer some great deals, but it’s worth schooling yourself in how they work through an AWS big data learning path course in the first instance.

2. Videoconferencing Technology

Whether it’s people freezing mid-sentence, inaudible dialogue, or your meetings suddenly getting cut short by time limits, it’s essential in this modern day and age—especially due to the pivot towards remote work being exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic—that you have videoconferencing technology that works smoothly. Meetings that are hampered by technical issues are never productive, so making sure that this is as smooth as possible is highly important.

3. Website Interface

The way that your customers interact with you is crucial to your success. If they visit your website (whether on a desktop or mobile) and believe that the way that you have laid out the website feels unnavigable or unhelpful, they will move to another provider. That’s why you should make sure that your website feels as professional as possible. Take a survey of what you already have by bringing in tech experts who will be able to provide you with a valuable insight as to what should be improved.

4. Email

Despite its many challenges along the way, it seems like email is here to stay. With that said, the type of email system that you use need not be the same as the one you used 20 or even 30 years ago. If you believe that the type of email messaging service used for your company is slowing down innovation, then there is no shame in updating it and making it fit for use in the modern world.

5. Anti-Virus Security

The threats from hacks, as recent Russian-linked ransomware attacks have shown, is ever-changing. Simply put, this means that the anti-virus software you installed for your company five years ago might not be fit for purpose today. Make sure that you update your anti-virus software to the latest version to make sure that your business is fully protected.


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