Download Dream League Soccer 2021 (DLS 21) Mod Apk for Android

Download and install Dream League Soccer 2021 commonly called “DLS 21 apk“. The new DLS 2021 features quick subs, players form boost and new background music which can be heard before game start.

The improved commentary and graphics makes it one of the top football games for Android and iOS.

DLS 21 Mod apk new version is available with unlimited money, game cheats, upgraded players, new splash screen and updated player transfers, not forgetting the different pitch viewing angles like the bird eye view, TV view, satellite view and even player focus view. 

Try to read this post till the last word in order to know all the tricks and cheats of this game.

Dream League Soccer 2021 Details

App Name DLS 21
File Size 374MB
Category Sports, football, soccer
Version 8.03
Developer First Touch Games Ltd.
O.S. Android 5.0 and above
Updated Nov 18, 2020
Released April 5, 2020
Rating 4.3/5
Price Free
Mod Yes
Downloads 50,000,000+
Licence FIFPro

Dream League Soccer 2021

DLS 2021 will succeed DLS 2020 which is currently the latest officially released game from First Touch Games. The latest 2021 edition supports offline exhibition gameplay while carrier mode and online multiplayer mode is online. Therefore, the game is both online and offline.

Gamers like us enjoy the game because it has good graphics, a large database of FIFPro licensed players (over 4,000) and above all, requires, less than 390mb to download and install. The game has four (4) playing modes including, training, exhibition, carrier and DLO.

Dls 21

Dream League Soccer 2021

DLS Training

In training mode, you will be able to practice passing, dribbling, shooting, throwing, running, and performing several tactics on the pitch. If it’s your first time on Dream League Soccer, you need to participate in training to get used to the game controller 🎮 on your screen and how to manipulate players to play as you want them to play.

DLS Exhibition

In Dream League Soccer 2021, exhibition mode is offline. In this mode, you will play against another team but you won’t get rewarded with coins for winning any match. It is not a competitive match rather it is designed to help you get used to the gameplay and ready for carrier mode.

DLS Carrier Mode

This is where your dream league soccer carrier starts. This mode is where you develop your team to be the best in the world. This is done by winning many matches, trophies and achievements 🥇.

The more games you win in the carrier mode, the more coins you accumulate, you also accumulate diamonds and gems. These items are used to upgrade your players to reach their maximum potentials.

At first, you will be handed a very poor team with just one recognized superstar which you should probably make your team captain. Then try to win matches to acquire money to sign new players. The more quality players you sign, the more possibility of attracting more high profile players to your team. The competitions available in the carrier mode include;

  • Academy division
  • Amateur division
  • Bronze Cup
  • Division 3
  • Silver Cup
  • Division 2
  • Gold Cup
  • Diamond Cup
  • Division 1
  • Elite division
  • Elite cup
  • Global Challenge cup
  • Elite division all stars
  • International Cup
  • Dream All Time Legendary Stars
  • First touch games All Stars
  • Clone Club Challenge
  • Legendary division
  • Ultimate challenge Cup
  • AllStar Cup
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Each competition comes with its unique level of difficulty, the higher you go, the more difficult it gets to win matches except you sign quality players and use a very good tactics.

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Dream League Online Mode (Multiplayer)

This is the hardest mode in Dream League Soccer 2021. There are 20 tiers (levels) and you will start from tier 20 and try to climb all the way to tier 1 by winning the required number of games to accumulate the number of points required to progress to the next stage.

In this mode, you will play against real life opponents from different parts of the world.

This is where your gaming skills and tactics are tested because you will meet the real football game gurus.

If you win enough matches, you will be promoted to the next tier but if not, you will either survive and repeat your current level or get relegated to a lower level. It all depends on the number points you accumulate in the course of each season.

Also, in dream league online, there are emoji 😢 😡 👏 🤝 😎 to use while playing a match to express your feelings during the match. This makes it more lively and entertaining.

You can accumulate unlimited coins and gems while playing in the DLO mode. You will be able to see the ranking table to monitor your position each season, and of course, your position is determined by number of wins and matches played.

If you think you know how to play Dream League Soccer, come over to the dream league online.

What’s New in DLS 2021

  • Quick Substitution
  • Progress reset – resetting your progress from settings menu is now possible
  • In-game player health boost
  • Penalties after 90 minutes
  • Special transfers – triple players
  • Online events in dream league LIVE
  • Ball boys
  • Updated team data
  • New splash screen
  • New background music added
  • Updated player transfers and database to reflect the 20/21 season!
  • New player animations and AI
  • Stunning visuals – for the best looking DLS match experience to date!
  • New Season Pass – Get rewarded for playing and go Premium for massive bonuses!
  • Authentic player photos – taking Dream League Soccer’s realism to the next level!

Download Dream League Soccer 2021 Apk

DLS 21 Mod Apk (72 MB)

Download Dream League Soccer 2021 OBB Data

DLS 21 Obb Data (283 MB)

Or Install Official DLS 21 From Play Store

Install From Play Store (392 MB) (including apk and game data)

How to Install

  1. Install Zarchiver app and open it.
  2. look for DLS 21 Obb Data zip file.
  3. Click on it and you will see option menu.
  4. Click on “Extract
  5. Next, click on storage/emulated/0 at the top of Zarchiver app interface.
  6. When a drop-down menu appear, click on Device Memory.
  7. Then click on “Extract Icon” to start extracting the game files.
  8. Just wait till DLS 2021 is automatically extracted into Android/obb and data paths.
  9. After that, Install DLS 21 Apk and launch the game.

NOTE: To enable app installation from sources other than Play Store in Android 9 smartphones, go to settings > apps and notification > Special access > unknown source and enable it.

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This will allow you to install apps from unknown sources.

How To Play Dream League Soccer / Perform Skills

At first launch of the game, you will need to select your team formation, assign a captain, and select team tactics from defending, attacking or medium. Once these are set, you are ready to go into the stadium to play.

  • To pass the ball, click button “B”.
  • To shoot the ball low, just tap button “A”.
  • To shoot hardly, press “A” a bit hard.
  • To execute through ball/pass, click button “C”. This is also used to chip the Goalkeeper when in goalscoring areas.
  • To run with the ball, use the direction button on the left to position your player in space to run.
  • To dribble, use the rotational direction button in the left hand side to direct player with the ball to dribble opponents.
  • To perform a skillful shooting link acrobatics, double-tap on the screen fast when receiving a cross or pass.
  • To take a penalty, use the direction button to slightly position the direction you want to shoot the ball inside the net and tap on “A” to shoot.
  • To play a free kick, use direction button to direct the ball and use “A” to shoot. The shooting pressure is determined by the distance of the shooting area to the goalpost.
  • To tackle your opponents, long tap the button “B” while using the direction button to chase your opponent.
  • To call out your Goalkeeper to charge a ball, long press on the button “C”.

TIPS For Performing Skills

  • For Step over: Swipe right to go right to step over; Swipe left to do it on your left.
  • To perform Roulette: swipe down.
  • To do Two-footed rainbow flick: Swipe up diagonally from left to right on the screen.
  • To Step over while Standing: Just tap twice on the screen.
  • To do Heel flick passing: Swipe on right and then press button B quickly.

These DLS 21 tricks can be used to perform snake bites, legovers, nutmeg and so on. But the accuracy depends on the player you used to do the skills.

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DLS 21 Cheats

Cheats are used to outplay your opponents and win matches no matter how tough it is.

One of the best DLS cheats in this version is shooting from outside the box. You can score fantastic goals by shooting from outside the box as fast as you receive the ball. Some players shoots better than others. For example, Mbape, C Ronaldo, Messi, Hazard, Pogba, Aguero, and other word class players always score tremendous goals when they shoot from outside the box.

Another DLS 2021 cheat is slide tackling your opponent in dangerous areas. For example, if they are about scoring you, just give them a slide tackle by pressing the button “A”. If done with good defenders like Van Dijk, Ramos, Maguire, Kouliballi etc, you will get 80% success rate of dispossessing your opponent of the ball. But if done wrongly or with a player that is not defensively sound, you may be red carded and maybe penalty awarded against you.

You can also use the fast passing cheat where you will continue passing at fast pace to deceive your opponents.

DLS 21 Unlimited Coins

To trick to get unlimited coins in dream league soccer 2021 is to watch as many ads videos as possible. To do this, open the game and click on ads to watch video and close once video is finished or you see the “X” symbol. Then launch the game again to watch another video.

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With this trick, you don’t need to play any match to get coins added to your profile. But to get gems, you need to play and win trophies.

How to Hack DLS 2021

You can’t hack dream league soccer 2021. That’s just the simple truth. If you want a dls game to hack, the get DLS 19. This comes with profile dat of teams.

Features of Dream League Soccer 2021

  • Improved and realistic gameplay
  • Over 3,500 FIFPro licensed players
  • More stadiums added
  • More tournaments added
  • Referees and linesmen
  • Form boost
  • Stadium facilities like hospitals, training pitches, restaurants, car parks, etc
  • Team kits customization
  • New background
  • New emoticons
  • Unlimited player development
  • New transfer window policies
  • Scouts and agents
  • Manager mode.

Best Formation?

There are several formations in this game but you have to unlock them all with coins or gems to use.

For me, the best DLS 21 formation is 4-1-2-1-2 because it allows me keep possession of the ball and attack through wide areas or from the center.

In terms of defense, the wide players (wingers) offer assistance to right backs and leftbacks while the defensive midfielder detects the play and breakdown opposition attack buildups. He also starts the attacking move of the team in most cases. I see him as the engine room of the team.

Another good formation is 3-5-2 and the default 4-4-2 formation.

TIPS For Better GamePlay

  • To make your gameplay Dream League Soccer 2021, just go to settings > Advance > Graphic options. Then select a lower graphic quality and the game will run smoothly even with poor internet.
  • If you need official jerseys, boots etc, get DLS kits for your any club
  • Upgrade your stadium capacity to be able to progress to a higher division.

You can watch gameplay videos and images.

Supported Smartphones

All Samsung Phones running on at least Android 6.0 and higher

All Tecno Smartphones running on Android 6.0, 7.0, 8.0, 9.0, 10.0 or higher

All Infinix phones running on Android 6.0, 7.0. 8.0, 9.0, 10.0 or higher

All LG phones on Android 6 Marshmallow or higher

All Xiaomi phones running on Android 6 or latest

All Itel phones running on android 6.0 or higher

All Gionee phones running on android 6.0 or higher

All huawei phones with at least 2GB RAM and 3GB free space

In fact, any Android smartphone running on Android 6.0 or higher and have at least 2GB RAM and 3GB free storage will play Dream League Soccer without lag. Remember that, higher phone specs will result to faster gameplay.


Dream League Soccer 2021 Cover

DLS 21 Formation

More Football Games

Wrapping Up

There is a reason why many gamers all over the world, including me are addicted to Dream League Soccer. You won’t understand until you start playing the game especially the online multiplayer mode with real life opponents.


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