Download Videos from Twitter – the Most Effective Clips Recycling Tool

Twitter is an important news feed and is essential for every manager. The news on Twitter appears faster than on any other sites. And if you want to post relevant content, it’s worth checking threads, monitoring influencers, experts, and other important people that are talking close to your target audience. 

The fact is that Twitter is now not only a platform where you can find text memes, but also a place where clips and photos are published. Any video can be extracted in its original quality. However, this is almost impossible to do without special tools such as downloaders.

bigbangram twitter video downloader

If you start recording the screen, then the resolution is getting so low that the media file will become unsuitable for re-posting to other social networks. And this is what you exactly may need, since this content is probably not seen by most of the users on Instagram, Facebook and other networks.

The convenience of using these tools lies in the fact that you don’t need to install additional software. Even if the content plan is managed via your phone, Twitter video downloader iphone allows you to save it on mobile. 

When you open downloaders from a browser you can keep clips based on tweets’ URLs.

How to Apply Videos: 

  • Share them on Instagram Stories. Stop constantly thinking about new things to publish on stories and how to shoot content. With scraped videos you can increase the activity of your profile. Get lots of reactions, comments on a video that your Instagram followers might not have seen if they don’t use Twitter. 
  • Publish to Reels. More dynamic and longer videos can be used like that. Since this type of content is trending and the most reactive on Instagram, this is a great way to boost your page and get the attention of your followers. 
  • Post to the feed. When you discover relevant clips suitable for the style and theme of your account, then publish them in the feed. When doing so, be sure to indicate which Twitter account you refer to – this will also help to win the attention of the content creator.

The Instruction to Download Videos from Twitter

  1. First of all, you have to pick those accounts that may be potentially interesting to the target audience. Conduct a research on this app. On Twitter one should be mindful of the hashtags and the topics in the Space section. Thanks to tracking top bloggers and famous people, managers can get a treasure trove of memes, humorous quotes that are developing very quickly in the Twitter community.

If the interests of your audience on Instagram are the same, then you will get a lot of reactions to these posts. Therefore, first of all, start by analyzing the target audience, picking exactly those profiles from where you will constantly monitor content plus new tweets. 

  1. As soon as you discover one cool video to reuse on other sites, click on the Share menu item. In this option, you will find the function Copy the URL. 
  2. After the URL is saved to the phone’s clipboard, feel free to start the downloading. Open a verified tool. And at the moment many content downloaders exist, but really trusted are Bidbangram, Inflact, Toolzu and other services that are high in the search results in Google. 

Less secure downloaders will take longer to download and may save content in worse quality. After the service finds the videos associated with the link, it will be available for you to download. You will find this episode in the gallery from where you can start editing or immediately post it on Instagram. 

Lifehack: Reused content shouldn’t look like plagiarism – add something unique. You can share your opinion on this video, add a funny comment. Be sure to credit the account or person who produced this video. In no case present this content as your own, because it is contrary to digital etiquette.

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