This App Can Identify an Original Memory Card

You can actually identify an original memory card with the help of an app called “SD insight“. This quick method of identifying a good SDcard is very easy and straight forward. Everyone can perform this simple task as it doesn’t require techie savvy approach.

Fake or original memory card

Although most Smartphones now comes with adequate internal storage but there are still some budget smartphones that are shipped with low memory space hence the need for an external SD card. So before you make the mistake of buying a fake memory card, you need this type of post in order not to make mistakes.

How to Identify An Original Memory Card

  • First, you need to download and install an app called SD insight from the play store by clicking here
  • After that, launch the app and select SD card to check the details.
  • If the SD card is original, it will show the name, manufacture date, and capacity just as in the screenshot below.
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Original memory cardOnce this information is available, the sd card is original.

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You will have to first insert the SD card in your phone before you can check if it’s original or not. I believe most memory card sellers won’t allow you to first insert it in your phone before paying unless you are buying from a friend or buying fairly used memory card.

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