Code To Get Free 1GB Data On Airtel RechargePlus Promo

Airtel RechargePlus is a new promo from Airtel that gives subscribers free 1GB data per month ( 250MB every week) when you recharge your airtel line. But this free data can’t be used to browse, chat, download or do anything unless it’s unlocked. So in this post, you will see the code to get this free data and also learn how to unlock the data and use it to browse on your phone and PC.

If you have been active on Facebook, WhatsApp and other social media platforms, you should have gotten messages from friends telling you to dial certain code to get free airtel 1GB but most of these people forgot to tell you how to unlock, activate or use it.

As funny as it sounds, many Nigerians believed this promo was from Atiku who is PDP presidential flag bearer for the 2019 election because it was introduced immediately after the former Vice President of Nigeria won the PDP Primaries to run for the position of first Nigerian Citizen. The truth is this Promo has nothing to do with Atiku; not even politically oriented.

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Meanwhile, another name for this Airtel RechargePlus promo is RealFreeData and I will show you how it works and how to get yours today. Just follow me along.

Airtel free 1gb data code

How to Get Free 1GB On Airtel RechargePlus Promo

To get the RechargePlus free 1GB data dial this code *479# on your registered Airtel line. It doesn’t depend on any phone as you can dial and get it from any type of phone including Android, iPhone, java, blackberry, Symbian etc.

Free 1gb airtel data

How Can I Unlock This Free 1GB Data

You can’t use it by just dialing and seeing the free data rather you have to unlock it to fully activate it for usage. So to use the 250mb data, recharge your line normally and you will be given 250mb for the week. According to airtel, when you recharge N1300, you get additional 250mb for free that week.

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Recharge again next week and get another 250mb. Repeat this every week to get a maximum of 1gb for one month. Interesting right?

Now you see you can’t use the so called free data without recharging your line. Now you know how it works.

To check your free data bonus, dial *140#.


This is another opportunity to get extra free MB from Airtel. You can actually use this method to get up to 12GB for just N900 on Airtel sim.

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