Bully: Anniversary Edition APK Download for Android (LATEST)

Bully: Anniversary Edition APK game brings the classic Bully experience to your mobile device, letting you experience teenage life (and all its madness) on the go. In this post, you will be able to get more information about the game and download it on your Android device.

What is Bully: Anniversary Edition?

Bully: Anniversary Edition is a remake of the popular action-adventure game Bully. You take on the role of Jimmy Hopkins, a mischievous 15-year-old who finds himself in the worst school around – Bullworth Academy.

Bully Anniversary Edition APK

Stand up to bullies, face off against teachers, prank your classmates, and even win over the girl of your dreams – all while surviving the most challenging school year ever.

Here, you’ll:

  • Stand up to bullies (and maybe become one yourself!)
  • Deal with grumpy teachers
  • Dominate dodgeball games
  • Play pranks on unsuspecting students
  • Navigate the school’s social circles
  • And ultimately, survive a crazy year at Bullworth!

This Anniversary Edition goes beyond the original game. It includes extra missions, characters, and even classroom mini-games to keep things interesting. Plus, you can unlock special items to customize your Jimmy Hopkins experience.

Bully Anniversary Edition Game

Bully: Anniversary Edition APK – Enhanced for Mobile

The mobile version of Bully: Anniversary Edition boasts some impressive features to make gameplay smooth and enjoyable on your phone or tablet. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Stunning visuals: High-resolution textures, dynamic lighting, and improved shadows bring Bullworth Academy to life.
  • Touch-friendly controls: The controls are designed specifically for touchscreens, with buttons appearing only when you need them.
  • Challenge your friends: Take your rivalries to the next level with turn-based multiplayer Friend Challenges. Compete in classroom mini-games and see who reigns supreme!
  • Play anywhere, anytime: The game seamlessly saves your progress across devices using the Rockstar Games Social Club cloud saves. So you can continue your adventure from wherever you are.
  • Controller support: Prefer a more traditional gaming experience? No problem! Bully: Anniversary Edition also supports physical controllers.

Bully Anniversary Edition Gameplay

Game Details

Game Title Bully: Anniversary Edition APK
App Size 41MB
Category Action-Adventure
Developer Rockstar Games
O.S. Android 8.0 and above
First Released December 7, 2026
Updated May 13, 2024
Rating 4.4/5

Download Bully Anniversary Edition APK for Android

Game Download Botton (41MB)

Click on the button above to download the game to your Android device. Enable installation from unknown sources via your Android security settings. To do this, go to your device’s Settings > Security (or Privacy) > Unknown Sources, and toggle the switch to allow installations from unknown sources.

Next, locate the game APK file that you downloaded and tap on it to start the installation process. Just follow the on-screen instructions to complete it.

Once the installation is successful, just tap on the game icon to launch and play it.

Fighting in Bully Game



Get Ready to Rule Bullworth!

Bully: Anniversary Edition APK is a perfect way to relive the classic Bully experience or discover it for the first time. With its engaging story, quirky characters, and fun gameplay, it’s a must-have for any mobile gamer looking for a bit of mischief. So, grab your slingshot and prepare to take on Bullworth Academy! (Developed in conjunction with War Drum Studios)

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