Top 20 App Development Companies In Dubai

As mobile apps become increasingly integral to our daily lives, the demand for revolutionizing app development services has skyrocketed.

Whether you’re a startup looking to launch your first app or an established business looking to revamp your existing app, finding a reliable app development company is crucial.

With so many alternatives available, it can be challenging to know where to start. That’s why we’ve gathered and created a list of Dubai’s top 20 app development companies.

From award-winning agencies to emerging startups, these companies have a proven track record of delivering innovative and user-friendly apps for various industries.

So, whether you’re looking for a full-service agency or a specialized team, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive in and explore the best app development companies in Dubai!

List Of Top 20 App Development Companies In Dubai

1. Suffescom Solutions Inc.

Suffescom Solutions Inc Review

Suffescom Solutions Inc. was established in 2013 and is a leading IT and App development company. As they stand as a multinational company, they also serve in Dubai.

Suffescom has IT experts who consult collectively to fill the team gap and optimize app development costs. In their 13+ years of experience, Suffescom has delivered 4500+ mobile applications to clients worldwide. Due to their innovative and quality solutions, Suffescom is rated 4.8/5 on Clutch with high client retention.

2. RisingMax

Risingmax Inc review

RisingMax is a top app development company serving in Dubai. RisingMax was founded in 2011, and delivers end-to-end app development solutions to different businesses that match the client’s requirements.

RisingMax is a full-cycle mobile app development company specializing in iOS, IoT, Android, and AR/VR application development.

They work with SMEs, enterprises, and startups and provide them with cutting-edge app development solutions.

3. Western Stack

Western Slack Review

Western Stack was founded in California, USA, in 2018. They also serve in Dubai and provide cutting-edge app development services worldwide.

Western Stack develops AI-powered applications integrated with technologies like custom face recognition and pose detection, which can discover relationships and patterns in different images and facial traits.


They help organizations to enhance customer engagement, efficiency, and decision-making applications. They built applications, like Generic chatbots and face recognition software, which are used in industries to confirm an individual’s identity.

4. Best Web3 Development

Western Slack Review

Best Web3 Development strives to deliver spearheading app development solutions for mid to high-scale enterprises in Dubai.

Founded in 2013, Best Web3 Development provides custom app development, which supports commercial sectors like virtual banking, security, insurance, and claim management.

With their dedicated app development solutions, they offer fixed-price model service without any other hidden charges and 24/7 support.

5. Branex LLC

Branex LLC App development company in Dubai

Branex is a custom mobile app development company focusing on the latest solutions to revolutionize technology.

They are situated in UAE and have been entitled as an award-winning mobile apps development company in Dubai that supplies pixel-perfect design, retina-ready and minimalistic UI.

Branex develops a native app that is highly soluble for big-scale businesses. Branex has worked with top-level worldwide clients like Fujifilm, KCAL, WILO, and Emirates Steel.

Due to their consistent hard work, they are 4.8/5 on Clutch.

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6. Blink22

Blink22 company Review

Blink22 is turning the ideas of Dubai enterprises into profitable software by providing them with innovative app development solutions.

Their design and development team is well-qualified and highly experienced in building trailblazing industry-ready applications.

Blink22 fully concentrates on the design and development of an application that should fall into the satisfaction of the customer and the expectation of clients.

They have built an application for Dubai people named Fajr, which helps individuals wake up in time, and it has 50k+ downloads along with 4.7+ ratings on Play Store. Blink22 is rated 4.9 on Clutch.

7. Inserito Technologies

Inserito Technologies App development company in Dubai

Inserito technologies are used to build the latest mobile applications and websites targeting different niches and businesses.

Inserito Technologies was founded in 2014 and is located in Dubai. In their 15+ years of design and development experience, they’ve delivered 94+ mobile applications.

Their business name, ‘Inserito,’ is an Italian word for ‘plugged-in,’ Yes, they are plugging in trailblazing app development for organizations.

They have gained retention from clients, namely John Pundyk, Alya Kahjwaji, and Tarek Alareef.

8. Promatics

Promatics Technologies Review

Promatics is a reliable app development company in Dubai with over 100+ seasoned developers and has built a strong foundation for mobile app development processes that are both mature and optimized.

Whether the challenge is to develop an app for iOS or Android, Promatics Technologies has got you covered.

The company’s engagement and delivery models guarantee that you will get a high-quality app that meets your business needs and expectations.

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9. Shakuro

Shakuro App Development Company in Dubai

Shakuro is a top-notch app development industry in Dubai. Their team specializes in creating mobile apps that connect with audiences and meet the unique needs of various industries.

From eCommerce to healthcare and education, Shakuro can build revolutionizing apps. They understand that the ultimate goal of any business is to make their customers happy, which is why they focus on helping global clients achieve that aim. Due to their consistent hard work, they have been rated 4.9/5 on Clutch.

10. GCC Marketing

GCC Marketing Company

As a full-service agency, GCC Marketing offers a comprehensive range of mobile app development in Dubai since 2009.

They advise ensuring any project runs smoothly and is delivered on budget within the timeframe. Their highly skilled team is a most incredible resource.

That’s why GCC Marketing is a professional agency fully capable of transforming your business digitally. They endure a 100% success rate in app smoothness and operational capability.

GCC Marketing has a 5/5 on Clutch, describing their creativity and hard work toward work.

11. Blank Ink Agency

Blank Ink Agency

One of the key factors in app building is smooth and efficient usability which makes applications engaging and functional. As a growing industry, Black Ink understands the importance of app development in Dubai, where technology significantly shapes businesses.

By incorporating design thinking into its app development process, Black Ink creates applications that align with the brand’s story and vision while providing a seamless user experience.

Whether it could be for a startup or a big brand, Black Ink’s expertise in app development ensures that its clients stay ahead of the curve in their respective industries.

12. Blank Space

Blank Space

Blank Space is one of Dubai’s most reputable app development consultancies, known for its trailblazing app development and essential app-building services.

Their team of skilled professionals has an unwavering commitment to transforming businesses and accelerating growth through the power of cutting-edge technology.

Their seamless design and user-friendly interface make them a top choice for clients seeking app development in Dubai that is optimized to deliver results.

Due to their smart work ethics, they’ve tied up with Mizrahi Homes, Stracomm Technologies, and Decor Group of Companies. They stand 5/5, according to Clutch.

13. Zazz

Zazz ompany in Dubai

Zazz is a renowned digital agency based in the United States, leading the way in creating top-notch applications.

As a leader in the industry, they take great pride in modern app development by utilizing the latest technologies, streamlining processes, and hiring talented individuals.

They employ a bottom-up approach to their app development process, where the user is the primary focus. They prioritize the user’s journey, impact, and engagement metrics in their development strategies.

14. Ajath

Ajath Mobile App development Company in Dubai

Ajath is an exceptional app development IT firm in Dubai. With their expertise in custom mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms using AI and ML technologies, Ajath offers a complete cycle of mobile development from concept to launch.

No matter how challenging a project may seem, Ajath considers everything efficiently and cost-effectively. Their timely customized solutions cater to each client’s unique needs, making them a top choice for businesses in Dubai seeking high-quality app development services.

15. Zoondia

Zoondia Company Review

Established in 2008, Zoondia quickly became one of Dubai’s most sought-after app development companies due to its technical excellence and professionalism.

By hiring high-end tech experts and creating a top technological talent pool, Zoondia offers trailblazing app development services that cater to every type of business support.

Trusting Zoondia for app development guarantees compelling content optimized for SEO and conversation. They are 4.8/5 rated on Clutch, which denotes their ability in app development.

16. TekRevol

TekRevol Dubai App Development Company Review

TekRevol was founded in 2018, and it is an IT firm headquartered in the United States and serving worldwide also in Dubai.

As a Silicon Valley startup focusing on providing creative app development services, they have quickly established itself as a leading industry player.

Their experts specialize in designing and developing applications for startups and enterprises. With its contemporary approach to app development, TekRevol has become the go-to choice for businesses looking to stay ahead of the curve in today’s digital landscape.

17. App Maisters Inc.

App Maisters Inc Review

To fulfill modern App requirements, App Maisters Inc. has been working since 2014. As a recognized top app development service provider in the United States and Dubai, they offer businesses of all sizes, from startups to government agencies, cutting-edge solutions that ensure sustainable competitive advantage.

With a focus on digital transformation, App Maisters brings innovative solutions to create seamless user experiences while maximizing functionality.

They’ve worked with global industries, namely USDA, UCSF, Share one New solutions, and Stryker.

18. Brainium

Brainium has been located in India since 2009, and they have multiple branches worldwide, including in Dubai.

To build the finest app, Brainium supplies revolutionizing modern applications for their esteemed clients, namely Thomson Reuters, Jalongi, Freedom2Work, GMG, and Whisbi.

With their highly effective native applications, any business can scale its business. Brainium offers their clients free lifetime support, on-time delivery, and data security for a better app experience.

They are 4.8/5 rated on Clutch and the winner of India’s SME 100 awards in 2022.

19. Plavno

Plavno Company Review

Plavno is one such company with a highly qualified team of experts covering each app development stage. With specialists in app development, analysis, design, development, testing, and ongoing support, Plavno offers end-to-end solutions that are pioneered to meet the specific needs of its clients.

Whether you want to develop a new app from scratch or need help with an existing one, Plavno is the go-to choice for app development in Dubai.

20. Konstant Infosolution

Konstant Infosolutions Review

Konstant Infosolutions is a professional app development industry in Dubai since 2003. With years of experience in app development, Konstant Infosolutions is known for delivering high-quality solutions in key industries such as education, real estate & property, and on-demand services.

From building mobile apps from scratch to providing extra development muscle for internal projects, Konstant Infosolutions is a goal-oriented company that can cater to all your needs.

Their expertise in Wearables and tech, the Internet of Things, and Cloud technology has made them a popular choice among startups.

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So these were the top 20 App development companies in Dubai. A successful mobile app can help you increase brand engagement and customer retention.

Choosing the right company to build your app will be your biggest challenge. If you need help with app development, you can contact any of these top-notch app development companies in Dubai to make your business successful.

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