$1 (N500) Oyi-1 Phone; All You Need To Know About The Cheapest Smartphone

On November 30th, BeepTool CIS Limited launched the “cheapest Android smartphone in the world” called “Oyi-1” that costs just $1 (equivalent to N500). The affordable smartphone is targeted at people living under $2 (N750) a day according to the company that manufactured the device.

Anyway, don’t get too excited about this very cheap phone until you read this article till the end. While the phone is very affordable and attractive, there are hidden terms and conditions that you may not really like to get hooked up to

“The affordable smartphone concept is one where smartphone manufacturing and ancillary costs are covered by investors and stakeholders and handed to users who live on less than $2 a day at $1 or nearest local single currency note preloaded with advertising services platform capable of generating revenue for investors and stakeholders to cover the cost of the smartphone and further revenue for investors and stakeholders”

Oyi-1 phone specs

OYI-1 Phone Specifications

  • Platform: Android™ 7.0 Nougat Operating system
  • Reinforced Frame & Screen, Unbeatable Value,
  • Screen: 5inch FWVGA 854*480
  • 4G LTE Dual SIM (Dual-SIM): Micro SIM + Nano SIM
  • Memory/Storage: 1GB RAM /Built-in: 8GB, Micro-SD (Support up to 32GB)
  • Processor: MT6580 1.3GHz Quad-Core
  • Frequency Band: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 |WCDMA 900/2100 |FDD-LTE B1//3/7/20
  • Connectivity: WiFi 802.11 b/g/n Dual-SIM Bluetooth 4.1 3.5mm Headset Jack
  • Dimensions: 144.1 x 71.9 x 9.8 (mm)
  • Camera: Rear: 5MP ; Front: 2MP
  • A long battery life: (2000mAh plus one extra) USB
  • GPS: Support and Durable 4G Smartphone

As you can see the specs above is the features you see on a 25,000 Naira low-end smartphone but offered at a ridiculous 500 Naira in Nigeria. Something is definitely behind this marketing strategy and I will reveal it here on this blog.

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In a bombshell, the Oyi-1 smartphone is a disguised marketing and tracking tool used to indirectly suck users money and collect private data under 24 months of usage. You will get more information about this once you have read the terms and conditions below.

BeepTool Oyi-1 Smartphone Terms & Condition

Before making up your mind to buy this phone, kindly go through this TOC.


BeepTool’s supplied devices have a manufacturing defect(s) warranty. Any device that has significant manufacturing defect shall be repaired or replaced, depending on the severity of the defect, free of cost to you.

(a). Product with manufacturing defect should be returned as soon as they are noticed.

(b). Devices that are received damaged should be reported immediately and returned within a week of delivery, a replacement or repair will be done free of cost. Device damage that is reported long after delivery shall be deemed to be caused by the user.


All devices sold under the ($1 or local currency single note equivalent rate) are automatically registered on BeepTool’s device management server.

BeepTool reserves the right to use geolocation services to know the location of the device


You agreed that any case of device loss including robbery and damage to the device is at the user’s risk and the following apply

(a). In case of robbery or stealing, such must be reported at the nearest police station and BeepTool authorized to track and retrieve the device. The cost of this service shall be borne by the user.

b). In the case where the device could not be recovered, BeepTool will demand a payment of $75 or local currency equivalent which is due immediately. The device will be locked and made unusable to the thief.

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(c). In case of physical or software damage caused by the user, BeepTool will replace broken or damaged parts or restore services with the cost borne by the user.

(d). You are not allowed to repair any damage or defect of the device on your own without a written permission of BeepTool or its agent.


Devices are not smart without connectivity, you, therefore, agree to recharge your data plan with a minimum of NGN800 monthly in exchange for 1GB data and 30 minutes bundled local calling plan. Refusal to pay for connectivity in two consecutive months will lead to remote locking of the device and attempt to recover the device by BeepTool.


You Understand and Agree

(a). That all devices sold under the ($1 or local currency single note equivalent rate) are the property of BeepTool CIS Ltd for a period of 24 months after registration

(b). That BeepTool reserves the right to remotely operate the device and make changes to software layout, install and uninstall apps, without prior notice or your approval.

(c). That BeepTool can send you text-based, graphical, interactive, rich media, social, e-mail, video or other online advertisements through the device.

(d). BeepTool reserves the right to remotely lock and attempt to recover a device if you are found to be using it for negative contents including but not limited to harassment, intimidation, terrorism, etc.

(e). That BeepTool may provide third party content to the user through the device

(f). The device would be released to the user completely, free of any listing, remote services, and advertisement after 24 months.

(g). That anyone earning more than $50 per month is not eligible for the BeepTool $1 smartphone.

(h). That anyone earning more than $50 per month can own the smartphone by sponsoring the TRUE COST OF MANUFACTURING the BeepTool $1 smartphone at (NGN23,000) or $60. Hence sharing revenue with BeepTool within 24 months.

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Oyi-1 Smartphone price

Why You Should Buy Oyi-1 Smartphone

The answer is simple; it’s very affordable and has basic features you will get in a regular Android smartphone. It can be used to snap pictures including selfies, it can be used to chat on whatsapp, messenger, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram etc. Use Facebook, browse your favorite websites, stream videos on YouTube and many other tasks you can achieve on a smartphone.

Why You Should Not Buy Oyi-1 Smartphone

Below are some reasons why you should run away from buying this device.

  • First, BeepTool says you will have to load NGN750 ($2) monthly in exchange for 1GB data and 30 minutes (compulsorily for 24 months or you get locked out remotely). If you calculate this N750 x 12, it equals N9000 in 12 months and N18,000 naira in 2 years. N18,000 is enough to get you a standard low-end Android device.
  • Users of this phone will be served ads
  • The device will be remotely controlled by the company for 24 months
  • You won’t have the freedom of publishing contents without fear of being locked out
  • You won’t have the freedom of installing any app of your choice
  • You occasionally see unwanted apps automatically installed on your device without your consent.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have seen both the advantages and disadvantages of this Oyi-1 phone, do you think it’s still a bargain buy at just $1 (N500)? Let’s have your thoughts via the comments section.