Because of the boom in the telecom business in Nigeria, so many Telecommunication companies has emerged as well as so many different phone numbers which are becoming unpopular unlike 0803, 0809, 0805, 0808 and other easy to identify phone numbers.

Maybe, you received a call from a phone number and you are not familiar with the number so you are searching to identify which network owns that particular mobile phone number. Search no more because I have updated this post with the latest number prefix of all networks in Nigeria.

For instance, 0814 is an MTN number, 0701 is an Airtel number, 0811 is a Glo number, 0902 is Etisalat 9Mobile number; all other network number prefixes are provided here on this post so I suggest you bookmark this page for future reference.

Sometimes I don’t usually guess right even if I try to be smart. Seriously, it’s hard these days to differentiate or know the actual network people use to call you in Nigeria. There are quite a number of phone number prefix used by our Network provider today.

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There are currently numerous numbers that available now that will be very difficult to guess or cram that is why it’s important to save posts like this because it could be handy next time a strange number calls you.

all network number prefix in Nigeria
Number Prefixes

Nigerian Networks and Their Phone Number Prefix


  • 0703
  • 0706
  • 0803
  • 0806
  • 0810
  • 0813
  • 0814
  • 0816
  • 0903


  • 0705
  • 0805
  • 0807
  • 0811
  • 0815
  • 0905


  • 0701
  • 0708
  • 0802
  • 0808
  • 0812
  • 0902


  • 0809
  • 0817
  • 0818
  • 0909


  • 07028
  • 07029
  • 0819


  • 07025
  • 07026
  • 0704


  • 07027
  • 0709


  • 0707


  • 0804


  • 0702.

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These post is correct and up to date as at December 2019 but I will be trying my best to update it regularly once there is a new number in Nigeria or a new network provider. As you can see, MTN has the highest mobile numbers on their list and who knows, Glo may release more numbers in future as the ones they have is already getting congested.

I hope this helps? If you found this post useful, please leave a comment below and share this post with friends.

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