Where to Buy Monero: A Reliable and Safe Service

Monero (XMR) is a cryptocurrency famous for its speed of operation and security. It was launched in 2014 as an open-source and privacy-oriented crypto.

As with any currency using blockchain technology, all transactions are seen, but you get all the privacy and inability to trace your operations.

To use it, you need a multi-coin wallet.



The best case is if it’s a mobile app available both for Android and iOS. It should be free, have a cool design, and secure all your personal info. And we have just a waller for you, worth every positive review from iPhone and Android users.

Trustee Wallet is the best place to buy XMR online; go to https://trusteeglobal.com/buy-crypto/monero/, and see for yourself. It’s free, secure, and always evolving, which is just what you need from a crypto wallet.

More About Monero Wallet App – Trustee Wallet

Monero is listed by most major centralized and decentralized exchanges, so it’s not difficult to buy Monero online.

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However, you should remember that every exchanger charges a fee. Sometimes it’s quite large and you may not see it before the money is withdrawn from your card.

That’s why we recommend Trustee Wallet; there, you don’t need to pay a fee to buy Monero with debit card or credit card. It’s the most secure online app of top quality for all your transfer operations.

It’s more beneficial than an exchange, and you can store the money right there in the app.

How to Buy Monero with Trustee Wallet?

It’s very easy to use the application to buy XMR with credit card instantly and store it there:

  1. Download the app. First of all, download the application from your Store. You can’t do it as an anonymous, but you can use the app without having to create an account; you also don’t need to set anything up manually, it’s all automatic;
  2. Note the seed phrase to access the app every time you need it;
  3. Choose the cryptocurrency you want to buy;
  4. Choose the payment type (Visa/MasterCard are the best for fiat payments);
  5. Choose the amount of Monero you need;
  6. You’ll see a list of exchanges the wallet cooperates with; choose the most suitable rate for you;
  7. Insert your bank card information; Do a good, thorough check of the information you provide because blockchain transactions can’t be reversed;
  8. Click “Confirm” and wait for Monero to appear on your wallet.
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It’s very easy to work with such a quick crypto wallet. It’s 100% secure and will never let you down. Cryptocurrency is getting more popular every year. In the latest years, many shops even adopted Bitcoin as one of the official payment methods for their products and services.
In several years, Monero will be out there as well. But now, you can trade it, exchange for other currencies, and spend as you like. It’s a promising crypto, and investing in it will only increase its value.

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