What Is A Crypto Launchpad, and How Does It Work?

Early participants in successful ventures always reap the greatest benefits. They deserve to reap the benefits of success because they have stuck with the project from the beginning. A Crypto Launchpad is an ideal location to locate an early-stage startup.

The number of cryptocurrencies continues to grow on a monthly basis. Statista estimates that there are over 7500 cryptocurrencies on the market as of November 2021. However, with the proliferation of cryptocurrencies has come an increase in crypto frauds.

According to the Independent, crypto frauds have increased by more than 30% in 2021 compared to the previous year. That’s where a reputable Crypto Launchpad (like BullPerks) comes in.

This post will explain what a crypto launchpad is and how it operates. We will also go through the best cryptocurrency launchpads on the market.


What Is a Crypto Launchpad?

Crypto Launchpad

Because the crypto business is rapidly increasing and many enterprises are relying on the decentralized world. To obtain funds, 2022 has provided us with a plethora of new coin launchpads.

Crypto Launchpads, also known as crypto incubators, are platforms that enable blockchain-based enterprises to acquire funding while providing early-stage token sales access to their investor group.

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Having access to early-stage sales implies that investors can get a good deal before the market goes public. Furthermore, because the cost of launching on a Crypto Launchpad is inexpensive (or non-existent), a growing number of companies are turning to launchpads for funding.

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Both creators and investors benefit from launching a project through a launchpad. Top crypto launchpads have a stringent vetting procedure for new projects, and a KYC (Know Your Customer) process is often undertaken by a third party as part of new user verification.

Furthermore, releasing the project through a launchpad gives new entrepreneurs access to a network of crypto investors and enthusiasts eager to learn about new projects.

Top 5 Blockchain Launchpad Platforms

These top Crypto Launchpads are at the forefront of fostering innovative blockchain-based enterprises. Let’s go through how each of them operates and what their finest qualities are!

1. BSCPad

BSCPad is the first BSC Network-based launchpad. The platform’s completely decentralized architecture helps blockchain-based companies raise funds, distribute tokens, and enhance liquidity.

BSCPad is distinguished from other launchpads by its now-famous “two-round allocation mechanism.” The strategy provides guaranteed allocation per Tier, which investors may acquire in the first round, with any leftovers sold on an FCFS (First Come, First Serve) mechanism in between BSCPad users in the second round.

The platform functions with the native token $BSCPad. The more tokens a user invests, the higher the Tier and allocation.

2. BullPerks

BullPerks is a decentralized venture capital and multi-chain Crypto Launchpad best recognized for its open and community-focused strategy.

The creators of BullPerks are well-known speakers, entrepreneurs, and consultants to a number of significant and rapidly developing companies. The platform’s development and marketing teams have extensive expertise in founding, promoting, and expanding many digital and crypto-related enterprises in the past.

BullPerks is completely committed to meeting the requirements of its community by offering a secure launchpad for enterprises and excellent investment options for investors. BullStarter’s entirely decentralized nature provides a transparent 6-Tier structure, seeking to deliver a fair portion of allocations to each investment.

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The platform’s official token, $BLP, is built on the BSC Network and is used to upgrade the Tier by locking, staking, or farming (the two latter ones will also earn you rewards).

3. TrustSwap

TrustSwap is a BSC Network-based decentralized launchpad and protocol. The platform works under its native currency, $SWAP, which provides next-generation multi-chain swaps and additional answers to existing payment and subscription splitting difficulties.

$SWAP is also used for Staking, Smart Locks, and Smart Swaps, the latter of which allows any token to be wrapped into an ERC20 token.

TrustSwap was launched in Canada in mid-2020, with the primary aims of mainstreaming smart contracts and enabling “customizable transactions” in decentralized finance (DeFi) and the whole crypto ecosystem.

4. DuckStarter by DuckDAO

DuckSTARTER is a decentralized cryptocurrency launchpad that places blockchain-based initiatives in front of a huge investment community.

DuckSTARTER is DuckDAO’s native platform, and it uses the same coin, $DUCK. The native coin is supported by Ethereum and BSC Networks and is an essential component of platform operation, including Tier upgrades.

Once a team has passed the platform’s verification procedure, DuckSTARTER provides marketing and expert advice to help them expand organically and steadily.

5. WeStarter

WeStarter is a HECO Network-based cross-chain token initial swap system. The platform was released in the first quarter of 2021, and it initially supports the trading of projects based on BSC, Ethereum, and HECO. With plans to include Polka, Avalanche, and other public blockchains in the future.

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WeStarter intends to meet the needs of IWO (Initial Wallet Offering) for most blockchain assets, as well as the investment desires of its investors, by supporting numerous blockchains. So far, the platform has implemented 16 projects totaling more than $1 billion in IWO volume.

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Why Should You Use Crypto Launchpads?

Crypto launchpads serve as a link between investors and entrepreneurs. It allows businesses to obtain funds for project development while early investors have access to early-stage agreements. Let’s look through this scenario in further detail:


By using a launchpad to launch their ventures, founders acquire what they need – funding to drive the projects ahead. A launchpad also provides exposure to a project by getting it in front of a large community of crypto enthusiasts.


Tokens obtain at much cheaper prices by early investors than when the token is launched to the public market. As with the CryoWar offer on BullStarter, when the price increased more than 120X from the start.

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Launchpads have gained popularity in recent years, helping both entrepreneurs in need of capital and crypto investors. Crypto Launchpads link prospective investors with tokenized companies before they become public, for a low cost per token.

A vetting procedure, which leading launchpads employ. Also prohibits the launch of a rug-pull or enterprises with no inherent value. Also, offer assurance to their investment community.

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