Enjoy the Benefits of Getting Certbolt Oracle Credential

Oracle is among the leading vendors of software products and IT certbolt certifications in the world. It is hugely recognized for the massive development of the Relational Database Management System(RDMBS) and other IT solutions. On the certification side, Oracle is a trusted vendor when it comes to validating professionals’ skills in cloud and software/hardware regardless of the level of expertise. Generally, their credentials are based on the following distinct levels:

  • Junior Associate – these badges are designed for scholars in secondary schools, colleges, and universities who are interested in gaining basic skills in the foundation concepts in Java and computer science. With this certification, a candidate becomes Oracle Certbolt Certified Junior Associate (OCJA).
  • Associate – this is the ideal level for those specialists who aim at earning a professional-level credential. It is created to prove that an applicant has gained fundamental skills and knowledge in supporting Certbolt Oracle products and services. The credential that one gets at this level is the Oracle Certified Associate or OCA badge.
  • Professional – this level is meant to perfect the core skills gained at the OCA stage. It also demonstrates that a professional has top-notch skills as well as knowledge to work successfully in a specific field of Oracle technology. IT recruiters regularly pay attention to Oracle Certbolt Certified Professional (OCP) credentials in a candidate’s resume during a job interview.
  • Master – it proves the advanced skills in Oracle technologies. Oracle Certified Masters (OCMs) are knowledgeable to answer even the most complex questions and problems related to their professional sphere. At this level, a specialist’s competency is validated through several performance-based exams.
  • Specialist – this level is structured to confirm the professional’s best practices when dealing with real-world entities. Oracle Certbolt Certified Specialists (OCS) have a solid understanding of their area of expertise.
  • Expert – it is the top tier Oracle credential which recognizes the professionals’ ability in niche-oriented technologies, domains, and architectures. Oracle Certified Expert badges are independent but build upon the skills gained in the associate and professional levels.
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How to Earn Oracle Certification?

The list of Oracle Certbolt certifications is long but the steps of getting any of the mare universal. This implies the key stages that you must go through and to help you clearly understand how one can earn Oracle credential, we will tell you about these steps on the example of the associate-level badge–Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Associate.


Step 1: Choose the credential

When choosing the right certbolt certification, it is important to consider your passion as well as your area of expertise. Suppose you are interested in the administration of databases, then the one we are focused on can be good for you, for example, Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Associate Credential.

Step 2: Exam preparation

The next step is to prepare for the required certbolt exams that lead to your desired credential. To earn Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Associate, one has to pass the following tests:

  • 1Z0-071: Oracle Database 12c SQL
  • 1Z0-062: Oracle Database 12c Administration
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Oracle also provides you with preparation resources like online training and practice exams to sharpen your knowledge and skills before taking the actual assessment.

Step 3: Sit for the exams

Once you have prepared well, your next step is to face the real exam. Your main objective at this point is to reach the passing score which is 63% in the first certbolt exam, and 64% in the second one. The time allocated for each assessment is 2 hours, and while in the first case you’ll have 78 questions, in the second exam you’ll need to tackle 67 items. As for the cost, each exam will cost you $245. Thereafter, you will be eligible for the Oracle Database 12c Administrator Associate badge.

Step 4: Pursue advanced credential

As clearly illustrated earlier, Oracle badgesare categorized into 6 distinct levels. Once you have managed to earn an associate-level credential, you should consider taking advanced certifications such as OCEs and OCMs so that you can build a solid understanding of complex technologies.

Enjoy the Benefits Of Getting Certified

With Oracle credentials, several benefits come your way. Some of them are the following:

  • The entire examsnap.com certification process expands your knowledge base and polishes your understanding of technologies. As a result, your resume will appeal to the hiring managers because you have a badge from one of the leading vendors in the world.
  • Your earnings automatically rise because you have a set of skills that cannot be found easily. Therefore, your employer will consider salary increment because you can take part in several projects unlike when you were not certified.
  • You will learn to perform complex activities that require hands-on skills and knowledge because you have gone through a rigorous certification program that involved performance-based questions.
  • Oracle gives you access to a digital badge that you can use to advertise your achievement on social media platforms. So, getting clients overseas will be easier with Oracle credentials.
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Technology is always a rapidly growing field because every industry requires its solutions to operate. Oracle Certbolt certifications are just the keys to unlock many opportunities in the tech industry because they equip you with the profound skills and knowledge which the employers are looking for. Choose the credentials that go in line with the tasks you accomplish in your workplace and follow the mentioned steps to earn it.

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