Cyber Threat Detection as a Service: What is it and Who Can Benefit from It?

Cyber threats come in many forms, and unfortunately, the expanse of cyber criminal organisations is so vast today that no business is too small or big to consider themselves safe from their attacks.

Steps must be implemented to ensure online security by all companies who have a presence on the internet, to protect themselves against the multiple threats that are out there today. The very first of those steps is of course, cyber threat detection.

Cyber Threat Detection service

What is Cyber Threat Detection?

Cyber threat detection is the preliminary and essential step towards protecting the online security of your company. It works on a few key principles, as highlighted below:

  • The potential threats to the specific company are recognized, rated and updated continuously
  • The capabilities and impacts of those threats are listed, as is relevant to the concerned business
  • All potential threats are classified under categories such as negligible, moderate and severe, marked with appropriate color codes (green, yellow and red)
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What is Cyber Threat Detection as a Service?

These would be the cyber security organisations which provide the above mentioned services to client organisations. Professional cyber threat detection as a service works on detecting potential threats to your online presence by augmenting human intelligence and expertise with artificial intelligence.

Such a service should warn the client, guide them towards taking possible preventive measures, and act against detected threats automatically, so that either the threats themselves or the vulnerability which the potential danger can exploit, could be neutralized/closed off before it’s too late to do so.

Any cyber threat detection as a service worth paying for should provide these features and more, instead of just detecting random threats to your organisation and letting you know about it.

Common examples of dangerous scenarios, against which cyber threat detection features can provide adequate warnings and effective protection, are as follows:

  • Brand impersonation frauds via fake websites
  • Brand impersonation frauds via social media channels
  • Brand impersonation frauds via fraudulent mobile apps
  • Deep fake frauds
  • Email frauds
  • Phishing and spear phishing
  • Malware, which can include anything from a virus or a trojan horse to encryption-based ransomware
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Who Stands to Benefit from Threat Detection?

Each and every business that has an online presence stands to benefit from cyber threat detection.It is quite simply, a preliminary and essential step towards ensuring overall online security that no business in any segment can ignore in 2020. Response comes next, which is often embedded in the service itself but might require additional steps and services as well.

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However, if we were to judge the merits of a cyber threat detection service,purely based on its ability to detect potential threats, it would still be a crucial part of any comprehensive cyber security protocol.

Given the fact that no business is too small or too big for cyber criminal organisations and even solo hackers to target, implementing a complete cyber security protocol has now become a necessity that cannot be ignored by online businesses of any size or kind.

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