“Upon all the challenges Nigeria is facing , legalizing gay and lesbian is the biggest problem British Prime Minister Theresa May think Nigeria have.
God help us from this evil colonial master.”

Anih Daniel Chukwu Nonso fumed on my wall thread.

Here is my take on that bro, the common wealth is a gathering of former colonies or well put Neo colonies. A gathering were heads of governments that are perpetually in colonisation albeit pseudo independent congregate to be chastised and dressed down for straying from the blue print handed down by the Queen’s estate.

Theresa May commonwealth

It wasn’t out of tradition when the custodian of the Queen’s perennial indoctrination took the gauntlet and began the pontification of the errand boys of the Royal crown from the erstwhile colonies. That was the crux of the agenda set for the meeting and has to treated as the prime subject.

Theresa May had to seize that April gathering to render such subtle rebuke, mainly targeted at the errant Africans whom they virtually installed all their heads of governments with scripted manuscripts that has the siphoning of their national income over to Britain as their main interest in African affairs although covert and well spelt out.

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They had to be schooled in the modern day evangelica that it is not trite to be homosexuals in a heterosexual society. Africans must kew tow or loose outrightly in the scheme of things.. what things? Financial AID ‘shikina’.

Nigeria had irked the western powers lead by Barrack Obama by the enactment of the anti gay law and the gates of hell was swung open. The flames belched out and scorched the erstwhile President Gej and the rest is history.

Morally Madame prime minister had the right of reprimand most especially for Nigeria because post 2015 elections nothing had or has been done about the “archaic” Law.
Some one had been magnanimous and somebody should have reciprocated.

Somebody was single handedly handed power in a Gestapo designed rigging of the century made possible by the abetting and facilitation of child voting in a friendly clime in the alleged most populous state in Nigeria (according to the 2006 Census figures), as supervised by the then ambassador of the nation called the leader of free word. You can guess wrong or right here.

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Was he able to expunge the law? No sir. Not in my Nigeria. Then what do you want power again for? Theresa May has been wondering but you won’t hear those words. Rather you will hear the veiled scathing outburst of disappointment.

That was the score card being read regardless of the eternal sufferings of the common man on the streets of Nigeria.

Britain doesn’t care. The channel of pilfering
our oil wealth to Britain must not close and that anti gay law abrogated, methinks is the condition for enlisting their support.

Little wonder Presido finally takes it out on the Nigeria youth as “illiterate and Lazy” right in Britain as an excuse for disappointing. How he tends to go about it now I don’t know but the support of Britain he so craves if he is to win 2019, when they know he won’t even dare support homosexuality in Nigeria as a true moslem.

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My brother why is the west so obsessed in forcing down this putrid water down our throats I can’t tell. As abominable as it is written in the religion they passed on to us with the sound of the gun and the kick of the boot, their main motive still takes yours truly aback.


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