Mixing Vintage and Vogue: How to Add Antique Decor into Your Modern Home

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to mixing modern and antique décor. In fact, incorporating contrasting styles is a perfect way to add interest, texture, and a sense of history to your modern home.

From random oddments and China collections to antique silver cups and traditional furniture, re-invent your modern scheme with these antique treasures to create a timeless look that’s just right.

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Adding antique décor into a modern home, however, can be a daunting task for many. But, once you get it right, you’ll be rewarded with unique, breath-taking home décor.

Here are some easy and approachable tips for mixing antique décor into your modern home.

Add Antique Decor into Your Modern Home

Antique Decor Planning

Mixing different styles is a great way to create a unique space and showcase your personal style.

But filling a room with a diverse, unplanned mixture of styles isn’t by any chance the best idea.

That’s why it’s of paramount importance to first establish what you’re trying to achieve before getting started. Here are several possible directions to consider:

  • Modern decoration with antique accessories
  • Antique decoration with modern accessories
  • Paired or grouped items built around a particular antique showcase item
  • Modern and antique decoration selected around a theme
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No matter the theme you choose, you’ll easily refer to it when selecting, mixing, and matching antique and modern items and accessories.

Think Outside The Box

Don’t let some beautiful chairs collect dust in the attic; do whatever it takes to make them new and interesting!

Think outside of the box and give that antique chair that you don’t like a modern and striking twist that makes an impression.

You can also paint a vintage piece a similar or darker shade as the wall to help it blend in with the other items in a space.

Consider covering your old regency chair with a bright, bold fabric to breathe new life to your antique furniture.

Renewing some antique pieces transforms your home’s décor by creating a fresh and modern look.

You’ll be amazed by the amount of history, uniqueness, and grandeur that antiques can bring into your modern home.

Put Small Things Together

If you have a collection of vintage items, make sure that you organize them without creating visual chaos or clutter. Consider adding things that not only appear elegant but also lend a history.

You can, for instance, cover a table with items bought while on travels or gifts from friends that remind you of places you’ve visited and people you’ve come across in life.

Get Personal

Make sure to include an antique element into your contemporary home that makes folks take a second glance or much better strike up a conversation.

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The addition of a bust makes a captivating and unwavering personality to your room and presents a timeless element of classicism to your interior decor.

Keep Things In Sight

Don’t hide things away!

Gather all of your antique China, cocktail glasses, antique silver goblets, and julep cups and showcase them the best way.

You can choose to place these antiques atop simple shelves or behind glass cabinetry to best display your cherished items in your home.

Find New Uses For Old Things

To marry contrasting styles the right way you need to get creative on how you use your antique items.

Snip a camellia from your front yard, for instance, and display it in an antique water pot for an arresting vase.

You can also consider blending elegant glassware with antique furniture in a rustic setting.

Taking an antique piece and combining it with vogue items creates a relaxed elegance.

These are some of the perfect examples of putting your antiques to good use. Check out more antique decors for a perfect interior.

Use Antiques As Accent Pieces

Transform a bare wall into a gallery space for showcasing kitschy potholders and vintage fabrics or antique art in a modern scheme. Ensure that everything is compact and well-displayed.

A gorgeous antique mirror can do an accent space justice. Use it to not only reflect light throughout your room, but also to create the illusion of a bigger room.

An antique mirror can also help add personality and echoes your unique style.

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Simply put, adding an unexpected item or color certainly renders your room interesting.

Avoid Being Matchy-Matchy

Mix heirlooms and antiques from different eras and of a myriad of styles for your rooms. You can also arrange your tabletops in a way that it captivates the eye and runs your imagination wild.

And the perfect way to mix and match is by grouping dissimilar pieces by color.

For instance, if your room is filled with modern pieces, you can add an oriental rug to add an appealing dose of pattern and texture.

Or you can mix like-colored dishes for an eye-catching tablescape.

When mixing and matching your furniture, contrast is highly recommended to achieve a refreshing look, especially when you mix antique furniture with new.

For example, if you have a classic armchair, you can upholster it with a new and trending fabric to achieve a contemporary look.

Other than upholstery, mixing and matching your old and new pieces give your room mystique and aesthetic warmth.

Reflect Your Taste

Creating the right mixture of antique décor into your contemporary home requires a critical eye and creativity.

With that in mind, you should take your time to find the right items and accessories that will add the right balance and proportion to your décor.

Find the right antiques and plan accordingly to ensure that you create a look that refreshes the eye and tells a story from the past.

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