8 Great Tips to Improve Your IT Service Desk Experience

Technology is everywhere – one cannot deny that information technology has transformed how we live. However, while IT has made the lives of the end users simple, we cannot say the same for the IT support staff.

Most times, the IT team gets ripped between handling too many incoming requests and ensuring that the requests get solved faster, thus putting their IT service desk under a lot of pressure.

When your IT service desk works seamlessly, and to its full potential, it results in a great user experience and higher efficiency, prevents expected problems, defines clear service priorities, and reduces service interruption. If you’re wondering how to utilize your IT service desk in a manner that it performs optimally, then stick to this post.

Here we will take you through some tried-and-tested tips to boost your IT service desk software experience.


What is an IT Service Desk? 

IT Service Desk

An IT service desk works as a single touchpoint between users needing IT services and the service provider. Simply stated, IT service desk software is a bridge between your employees, customers, or anyone who demands assistance and your IT support staff.

Moreover, the IT service desk offers end-to-end service operation solutions to businesses, thus reducing the burden on support staff and helping them focus on what matters the most.

Generally, IT service desk software works as a one-stop platform for managing tasks, tickets, and communication, providing a good customer experience for an organization’s business model. In addition, an IT service desk can seamlessly manage incidents or requests from employees, partners, customers, or stakeholders.

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Overall, the right service desk is all you need to improve your customer service experience.

8 Valuable Tips to Improve your IT Service Desk Experience:  

1. Line Up Your IT Team with Company Goals 

Most people feel that IT is everything that includes technology, automation, and efficiency. However, there’s more to it. The magic that technology creates is backed and powered by the IT teams. So, it is vital for IT teams to stay in line with the business goals.

Someone has rightly said, “the more, the merrier”– when teams work collectively to achieve a goal, there’s no doubt that better results are obtained. Other departments of an organization should also suggest ways the IT team can help them achieve their goal. This way, all the teams are aligned with each other and the company goals.

2. Aim on User-Focused KPIs 

How your business grows is undoubtedly essential but what your user feels about your business is more important. Your business growth should not be metric-focused but rather user-focused.

The more user-focused your service desk is, the better you understand the issues they face, resulting in a delightful customer experience.

Your ideal focus should be on KPIs, such as concentrating on from which channels tickets are coming in and what is the average response time.

You can split the workload accordingly when you know the channels from where tickets come in. If the average response time is higher, this may hinder a good user experience, so you can work to reduce it.

3. Know What Your Users Expect from You 

Observe and listen! Yes, pay attention to what your user needs from you. Simply following what others are doing with their service desk may lead to unfruitful outcomes and dissatisfied users. Rather than that, try to understand your users’ expectations of you.

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For example, they may expect a self-service portal or faster resolutions to requests or wish to have their IT help service desk fully automated; it could be anything. The better you get what your users are looking for, the easier it becomes for you to set goals for your IT service desk software.

4. Access to Knowledge Base

We live in a digital world, but sometimes finding the right knowledge is a strenuous task. Ironical enough? Organizations possess a treasure trove of information, and by speeding up their information access and streamlining their knowledge base, they can save time and raise the productivity of their service desk.

We recommend you build a community where users share knowledge, develop support content backed by experts, and make sure employees work and collaborate. Such improvisations can improve your service desk performance to a greater extent.

5. Take Up Requests on Priority-Basis 

One of the most beneficial tips to enhance your IT service desk software experience is prioritizing the requests. IT and support requests can be assigned a high or low priority based on their possible impact on the business.

For example, let’s say one user has raised a request to get a new mouse, and on the other hand, another user’s system is down. In such cases, one should prioritize the second user’s request because a down system can negatively impact the business compared to not having a mouse.

6. Integrate the Right IT Tools into Your IT Service Desk 

Depending on your need and objectives, you can improve your IT service/help desk performance by integrating proper IT tools into your IT service desk software.

For example, for better features, you can opt for an ITSM solution that offers asset management, patch management, knowledge base, and other related services, along with an IT service ticketing system.

On the other hand, if your purpose is simply ticketing, you can choose an automated AI-enabled IT service desk software. Adopting the right tools for your IT service desk may sound overwhelming, but it does not have to be.

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7. Share and Update Your Service Catalog 

Your user should know the services your IT service desk software offers. Everything from the type of service, how it will be delivered, and the cost to the expected service level is in the IT service catalog.

A reason why creating and timely updating your service catalog is essential. When your users, be it managers, stakeholders, or agents, know about the services you offer, they are in harmony with the goals and objectives of the company.

Also, in the service catalog section, users can find solutions to their issues through a self-service chatbot, which helps reduce the number of tickets.

8. Train Your Agents Periodically

Regular training is imperative for your service desk performance. When you invest in training your employees, their productivity automatically increases. It’s no surprise that a trained agent will be capable of solving a more significant number of cases as fast as possible.

You can make your employees undergo IT training courses that help them sharpen their skills. You can also train your employees to improve their communication skills for better outcomes. When your employees learn and follow best practices, they will deliver better.

An IT service desk software is a benchmark to determine an organization’s service delivery health. Your service delivery, and for that matter, the success of your entire organization, is highly dependent on the productivity of your employees.

So, we believe that banking on your IT service desk will lead to better outcomes, productivity, and satisfaction. Use these tips to enhance your IT service desk performance to your advantage!

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