Gtbank Dollar to Naira Exchange Rate Today June 2018.

Here is a daily update on Guarantee Trust bank Gtbank dollar to naira exchange rate today. We covers Gtb bank rate today, Gtbank exchange rate today 2018. Gtbank 1 dollar to naira, 1 euro to naira and 1 pounds to naira exchange rate today.

GTBank Buys at N357 for $1 and sells at N360 for $1.

Note that GTB rate is different from Black Market (Aboki) rate found on Abokifx. For daily update on one US dollar to Nigerian naira exchange rate in black market, check our black market dollar naira exchange rate and bookmark it. That page also covers CBN rate which is also the interbank exchange rate in Nigeria.

Even though Nigerian CBN has pegged the dollar at N305 naira exchange rate for inter bank market, dollar to naira exchange rate varies with different commercial banks in Nigeria. Some of these banks (GTB & Zenith) charge at the same rate as black or parallel market most times varies every few hours. This fluctuation of dollar naira rate in parallel market also affects Gtbank dollar to naira exchange rate daily. Which is why this post will be updated every time we have a confirmed naira to dollar exchange rate Gtbank is charging its customers.

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February 2018 Update: It turns out that GTbank had joined other banks in charging at the black market rate as at May 2017. They increased their exchange rate of dollar from 320 to 382, euro rate from 346 to 419 and pounds exchange rate from 406 to 494. God help this country.

Today’s Confirmed Rates

Gtbank Dollar to Naira Exchange rate today: 1 USD to N360 Naira.
Gtbank Exchange rate today

Pounds to Naira: 1 Pounds to N490 Naira.Gtbank Euro – Naira Exchange rate today: 1 Euro to N459 Naira.

Gtbank Euro – Naira Exchange rate today: 1 Euro to N459 Naira.

The Gtbank dollar to naira exchange rate today is the close amount in naira you will be charged for one dollar when you use Gtbank naira mastercard on a foreign site or for foreign transaction online. The amount they charged you is the amount they are selling dollar to you, while the amount you get when you exchange one dollar to naira is the amount they are buying from you. Usually the amount they buy is less than CBN dollar to naira exchange rate, while they sell at black market dollar to naira rate.

Note that the amount you will be charged might be slightly different from the above amount, because there are several factors that determine exchange rate.

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That’s it on Gtbank dollar to naira exchange rate today. This answer what is Gtbank exchange rate of dollar to naira today in Nigeria? how much is exchange rate of dollar to naira in GTbank? How is the exchange rate of dollar to naira today in Gtbank? Gtbank Exchange rate?Gtbank naira mastercard exchange rate? Kindly take your time to share this article.

About GTBank

Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank) is one of the top financial institutions in Nigeria with track record of advanced technological mode of operation. It’s often refered to as the “youth Bank”.

GTB as it’s simply called offers Online/Internet Banking, Retail Banking, Corporate Banking, Investment Banking and Asset Management services, with its head office in Victoria Island, Lagos.

The bank was founded in January 19, 1990. The bank was formed in 1988 by over 35 young Nigerians in their thirties, spearheaded mostly by Fola Adeola and Tayo Aderinokun

Guaranty Trust Bank is at the moment, the only Bank in the country with 3 different mobile apps that are still functional to make banking more easier to her customers. The three apps are GTWorld app, 737 App and the main GTBank app.

With these apps, customers can easily perform some basic transactions such as; checking account balance, transferring money from one bank to other, airtime topup, paying for bills and so on.

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GTBank also allows you to open a domiciliary account with them which gives you a Nigerian current account, US dollar account, Euro account and Pounds sterling account.

This is helpful if you are a business man or you need to receive payments from foreign countries. You can receive the money in your dom account here in Nigeria and either exchange the currency to Naira directly from the bank with GTBank’s exchange rate for that day or you simply withdraw the hard currency in Dollars, Pounds or Euro and exchange from Malam commonly called aboki at Abokifx rate (black market).

Over to you, how much is the dollar to Naira rate your bank charged you the last time you made a payment online?



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