Latest DLS Profile.dat Files for Dream League Soccer 2023

DLS Profile.dat cheat: learn how to get Dream League Soccer 2019/2021/2022/2023 unlimited coins cheat here. Get a new DLS profile.dat file of all teams, including profile data of Juventus, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Liverpool, Chelsea Man U, Man City, PSG, Bayern Munchen, Brazil, etc with upgraded players.

This DLS hack doesn’t require lucky patcher or mod apk to use this cheat. You can download the official game from the play store and follow my guide to hack DLS 19, DLS 20, DLS 21, DLS 2022, and DLS 23.

With this dream league soccer Profile data, you will build an almost undefeatable squad that can win all the available trophies in the game.

You will be able to compete with other strong opponents in dream league online (DLO) because that is where you meet dangerous live opponents that can score goals for fun and defend as well.


The game is so interesting to play but when you think you have won all in the elite division and have developed your squad, then someone from Tier 6 or even Tier 7 in the online multiplayer mode will beat you mercilessly.

Most of those guys that seem unplayable in dream league soccer online simply use cheats to upgrade their players.

If you check very well, almost all their players are rated 100% in all attributes including attacking, passing, ball control, heading, scoring, positioning, speed, defending, crossing, and even goalkeeping.

Dream League Soccer ( DLS ) Profile.Dat

This cheat works on Dream League Soccer 2019 Mod, Dream League Soccer 2021 Mod, Dream League Soccer 2022, Dream League Soccer 2023, and Dream League Soccer 2024.

This game is one of the best football games for mobile featuring a lot of players from different leagues in Europe, Africa, America, Asia, etc. You can see real DLS 20 pictures and videos from our previous posts

Developed by FTG (First Touch Games), Dream League Soccer offers the best 3D graphics in HD and the same time doesn’t consume a lot of space in your Android smartphone. You can read more about the game in this article.

Benefits of DLS Cheats (hack)

There are numerous benefits attached to hacking dream league soccer game whether 2019 or 2023 version but let’s focus on the main advantages below.

1. Build your Dream Team in a Short Time

It’s a herculean task and time-consuming to build your dream team in dream league soccer because you will have to win as many matches and trophies as possible in order to gather coins needed to buy new players, upgrade your stadium, heal weak and injured players, and lots more.

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Honestly, it will take you some weeks, months, and even a year to get enough coins to build your dream team and upgrade them to match any opponent in dream league online competitions.

But with this DLS cheat, you will automatically have virtually unlimited coins, upgraded players, stadiums, and trophies. So you can now have a strong team in under 2 minutes. Isn’t that interesting?

2. Get Unlimited Coins/Money

This cheat contains unlimited coins which is a real treasure to behold because you don’t need to pay physical or real money to unlock DLS unlimited coins.

With these infinite coins, you can do just about everything in the game including healing your injured players with coins and overall upgrade of your squad. You can even create players and name them just anything.

3. Profile.dat Files

In this post, you will find 3 different profile.dat files for dream league soccer 2020 cheats containing several numbers of coins and other features.

There is a profile.dat file that contains 1 billion coins, while there is one that contains 18 million coins but with already upgraded players.

4. All Team Profile SaveData

Also available here is the profile data of any top team or club of your choice. For example, if you want a “Chelsea team profile”, you only need to download it here, unzip and use it to replace the old profile.dat of your game.

5. Upgrades Your Players

With the whole coins in your account, you have the flexibility of upgrading each and every player to a perfect 100% rating in all attributes.

Upgrade players scoring ability, passing ability, crossing, defending, running, tackling, heading, and goalkeeping abilities.

This is the secret reason you get beaten by online opponents no matter how well you set up your team or how well you played.

Once all your players are upgraded to 100 percent in rating, it becomes almost impossible to get defeated unless you meet a better player who also upgraded their team to match yours.

Dream league soccer 2020 unlimited coins

Checkout My Undisputed Squad With Upgraded Players and Unlimited Coins

6. Forfeiting or Quitting Match

With this cheat, no opponent will cheat you by quitting or abruptly ending a match you are winning thereby denying you your points and making the match annulled.

It’s frustrating to lose connection or lose a match you are already winning simply because the other opponent used a cheat. I think First Touch Games need to work on that aspect.

7. Faster Game Play in Online Mode

If you are using the default DLS profile.dat file, you will notice that online multiplayer gameplay is usually slow and sluggish no matter how fast your network is.

But when you use the cheat I have uploaded here, the gameplay is fast and interesting.

Download Dream League Soccer Save Data Files

  1. Latest Liverpool FC Team Save Data
  2. Latest Chelsea FC Team Save Data
  3. Latest FC Barcelona Team Save Data
  4. ViP Tallest Players Save Data
  5. Juventus Save Data
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As you scroll down, you will see other DLS profile.dat files for different clubs and national teams in Dream League Soccer.

You will also see special players’ profiles dat such as both footed players, short players, all Zlatan Ibrahimovic team, all black, and so on. All were created by us on Mokoweb Blog. Keep reading.

Dream League Soccer Profile.dat Files

Below is the latest dream league soccer unlimited coins hack profile.dat files to download for free.

  • Download DLS profile.dat with 2,500,000 coins. This file contains top players with 100% upgraded ratings. You will find 32 players in your squad including C Ronaldo, Modric, Messi, Van Dijk, Tiago Silver, Bosquet, Diego Costa, Harry Kane, Timo Werner, Walker, Jordi Alba, and lots more. These players have perfect ratings. So all you need is just get this file, install and automatically get your theme updated. You can also buy any type of player with the money in your account.
  • Download profile.dat for DLS 1, 000,000,000 coins. In this one, you will have amateur players at your disposal but you also have a whopping 1 Billion coins which you can use to build your squad by buying your favorite players and upgrading them. This one is good but will require some time to build a formidable squad to take anyone in the online multiplayer mode.
  • Download profile.dat for DLS 19 & 20 18 million coins. Here, you get a mixture of top players that are rated well and other decent players. You will then use some money from your fund to upgrade them to your choice and even add more superstars to the squad.


If you selected and used the profile with 1,000,000,000 coins inside, you have to change the language to English by going to settings > language as its shown in the image below.

Change language in dream league soccer

that each file is less than 100kb so it’s not even up to half an MB of data.

Latest Dream League Soccer (DLS) SaveData Files for All Teams

Download the latest team profile.dat file of your favorite club or team below for free.

More team profiles that will be added are Raja Casablanca, Al Ahly Egypt, TP Mazembe Congo DR, Al-Merreikh Sudan, Wydad Casablanca, Eyimba, etc.

How to Install Profile.Dat in Dream League Soccer 2023

  1. First, install DLS 19 or DLS 23 if you don’t have it yet on your phone.
  2. After that, select any one of the profile.dat files above and download.
  3. Now go to file manager in your phone, click on “Android”, click “data”, click “com.firsttouchgames-dls3” and click “files”.
  4. Android folder
  5. Data folder
  6. First touch games
  7. Then locate “profile.dat”, delete it or move it to the root of your phone memory if you still want to keep your old profile on DLS.
  8. Dls profile.dat file
  9. Now copy the new profile.dat file you downloaded from this post and paste it where you deleted the previous profile which is in this path Android > data > com.firsttouchgame-dls3 > files.
  10. Now exit file manager and launch the game, you will see your new profile with a whopping amount of coins and squad as you can see from the screenshots
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NOTE: if the file you downloaded is in zip format, you need to unzip it to extract the profile.dat file first. You can use zarchiver pro app to do that.


You can equally use this trick to transfer your Dream League Soccer game profile from one phone to another so that you won’t lose your game progress and achievements. Just copy your profile.dat file and paste it or replace the one in the new phone with the one from your old phone.

Dream League Soccer doesn’t feature official team jerseys of teams because of a lack of license to use it. But you can download DLS kits for the top popular teams in dream league soccer to enjoy the game better.

How Well Can You Play Dream League Soccer?

Hello guys, if you think you are unbeatable, just pray you don’t meet me online. My team name is Mokoweb Blog FC with MOK as the abbreviation and WizyTechs as the screen name. I hope to meet any of you online and see how it goes. Smiles ☺.

Check the latest Dream League Soccer 2023 for awesome gameplay.

DLS Profile Data Video 

This video shows how to implement the profile dat file in the Dream League Soccer game


Because of how some of us are being cheated by opponents, especially when playing online games, I had written a couple of articles to help you bypass opponents with cheats and one of those articles is how to enjoy games without Borders.

Additionally, there are certain apps that help you stay stronger in online games. These apps help you unlock cheats, hack games, and unlock all the characters in a particular game without paying a dime. One of these apps is LuluBox App Pro.

Now, in this particular post, I have provided you with tricks on how to counter a cheat. In fact, you can now make your players or overall team a cheat. Just download any one of the profile.dat files in this post to enjoy Dream League Soccer 2022 unlimited coins.

Note that it works best for DLS 19 game. For the latest DLS 24 apk, you have to try your luck. Don’t forget to drop a comment in the comment box below. Happy gaming.

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