BEST 15 HIGHEST PAYING JOBS IN GHANA 2018: Some of the best paying jobs in Ghana includes project management, Engineering, fuel handling, Blogging, human resource management, business analysis, customer service, sales rep, professional teaching and others which are discussed on this article.

Ghana is one of the West African countries with industrious and agile people who are always ready to work hard in order to make ends meet.

In every country, the issue of highest paying jobs is a concern to many people. In fact, it is one of the factors many African students consider before choosing the academic careers to venture into. If you’re keen to be a high-earning professional in future, you should be concerned about choosing one of the most lucrative careers at the tertiary level.

Though changes occur in salary structures, it is very obvious that we can figure out the highest-paying jobs in Ghana. Owing to that, we have compiled the Top 15 Highest-Paying Jobs in Ghana. Surprisingly, the highest-paying Ghanaian jobs might not be the highest-paying jobs in few other African countries.


Best paying jobs in Ghana

1. Fuel Handling

Thousands of people might find it hard to conceive this but it is factual that fuel handling is the highest paying job in Ghana. In case you don’t know, fuel handlers are personnel working at where aircraft are fuelled. Though this job is really demanding, it guarantees whopping benefits in addition to base salaries. As a fuel handler, you must be diligent and cautious while dispensing fuel into aircraft stipulated for trips. In as much as this job requires expertise, responsiveness, and in-depth training, one could suggest that a fuel handler deserves extra benefits as part of the remuneration system. Averagely, a fuel handler in Ghana receives the monthly salary of GHc 12,000. Annually, this should amount to the mouthwatering sum of GHc 144,000. Considering this sumptuous salary, you could decide to venture into the study of fuel handling irrespective of the difficulties involved in it.

Seriously, fuel handling could be a disgusting job for you especially if you’re allergic to how fuel smells. Besides, fuel handling is so awkward that many people give up on the series of training required to become certified fuel handlers. Precisely, this strenuous and lengthy training course is very important because one has to be cautious and accurate while filling aircraft.

2. Shipping Supervision

This job is concerned with the thorough supervision of the goods delivered to a company. More so, a shipping supervisor must see that all goods are complete and in good order when offloaded. Anywhere in the world, this business comes with reasonable profit but again, one must attempt it with great caution to ascertain that stocks/goods are not lost or damaged during shipping. On the average, a shipping supervisor in Ghana can earn up to GHc 10,000 on a monthly basis, making it the second highest paying job in Ghana 2018.

3. Procurement

Procurement is one of the jobs you can do in Ghana but one of the associated drawbacks is that it tends to be so competitive that some companies hardly request for procurement officers. Nonetheless, a certified procurement officer should boast of qualifications that would persuade an organization to employ him. However competitive it is, procurement is certainly one of the Ghanaian jobs that fetch reasonable salaries.

As a procurement officer, your primary role is to provide a particular company, organization or firm with the equipment, outfit, items or other supplies needed for operation. Meanwhile, the best part of the revenue is generated from the suppliers of these items. If you’re professionally engaged to work as a procurement officer in Ghana, your average monthly salary should be up to GHc 8,000. Annually, this should amount to the whopping sum of GHc 96,000.

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4. Account Management

Account management is one of the most awkward jobs to handle especially when there are numerous accounts at hand. Therefore, proficient account managers are rewarded in no small measure for managing business accounts and providing accurate financial statements.

In Ghana, account managers are often employed by banks and other financial institutions since these organizations are usually overwhelmed with numerous accounts to manage. Instead of mounting too much of work on bankers, many Ghanaian banks employ experienced and sophisticated personnel to manage customers’ bank accounts. Though account management is a herculean task, it will surely guarantee you a robust salary structure. Averagely, a Ghanaian account manager earns the monthly salary of GHc 6,500, making it one of the highest paying jobs in Ghana.

5. Project Management

Project management is a profession that guarantees employment in several companies. Without any doubts, organizations usually need adept personnel who can handle projects and see that objectives are achieved in the most accurate manner. Broadly speaking, project management demands the proficiency of generating ideas required for a company to increase its sales levels.

In Ghana, project managers are revered for their shrewd management of projects concerned with construction, manufacturing, and development. If you have the documents to prove your eligibility for project management, you could be employed as an average project manager with the monthly salary of GHc 6,000.

Teacher teaching

6. Professional Teaching

In Ghana and many other African countries, many people debase teaching in the belief that teachers get nothing other than trifling salaries. In reality, this is true but an experienced person must agree that elementary-level teachers are the ones getting peanuts as salaries. Also in certain cases, high school teachers get meagre salaries but irrespective of all this, nobody would contradict the fact that professors and even Ph.D. holders are paid substantially to impart knowledge to students at universities and colleges.

Averagely, a Ghanaian college professor can earn up to GHc 5,500 on a monthly basis. With this, it is evident that teaching is still one of the lucrative jobs in Ghana but to make teaching a substantial source of income, you need to hold honourable degrees.

7. Operations Management

Operations management is one of the hectic tasks which require thorough supervision and shrewd management. As an operations manager, you’re required to bring staff members into a proper relationship so that work can be done in the most effective manner. One good reason why this job is arduous is that some staff members might decide not to comply with your directives. If you’re lucky to have compliant and diligent staff under your supervision, you would surely be delighted to be an operations manager.

In Ghana, operations managers are employed by large organizations including chain stores and production plants. Meanwhile, these people ensure the smooth running of a company through the coordination of staff and supervision of day-to-day business activities. If you’re an average operations manager in Ghana, you’re as good as somebody earning GHc 4,200 per month, making it one of the highest paying jobs in Ghana.

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8. Marketing

One major advantage of marketing is that virtually all companies employ marketers. Precisely, both infant and developed companies need experienced marketers who can attract customers/clients by creating awareness for available products or services. In Ghana, marketers are frequently employed by production and distribution companies. Based on factors which encompass qualifications, experience and time, a marketer earns the average monthly salary of GHc 4,000 in Ghana.