9 Tips To Prepare Your Packages For Overseas Delivery

Preparing your package is one of the most important elements of overseas delivery. It involves the use of mechanical equipment such as conveyors, lifts, and cranes to handle the cargo. Therefore, you have to make sure that the cargo can withstand all this.

Every day, there are so many shipments that sustain damages due to improper packaging. No one wants to become a victim of such happenings. Therefore, you have to protect your goods in the best way possible. Here are the nine tips that will help you in preparing your packages for international delivery.

preparing goods for delivery

1. Your Package Should Be Able To Withstand The Pressure That Cones With Overseas Shipping

The first thing to check out is the safety of your package on the journey. In addition to secure packaging, the package has to withstand the pressure of international shipping. Therefore, you have to arrange the items in such a way that they won’t crush down.


You never know what the other packages that are sharing the same container with your cargo contain. It means that you should not take anything for granted.

You need boxes that are strong and sturdy. Most overseas deliveries use forklifts in loading and unloading goods. It makes the process of handling more complex.

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If your goods will be shipped by air, make sure the package will withstand some swaying and tilting. The cargo will face turbulence, disturbance, and the landing process.

2. Get It Right On The Size And Weight Of The Package That Is Allowed

Your package has to adhere with the instructed size and weight. As you decide the crate or box to use in packaging, you have to make sure that it meets the gross weight of the items.

Failure to do so may damage your cargo during the shipment especially when dealing with valuable heavy items. If you choose crates that can’t support the weight of your goods, you will end up suffering huge losses.

3. Remember Internal Taping And Packaging

packages for oversea delivery

Taping and packaging of boxes helps in protecting your goods. Only go for packaging that can support the weight of your items. Using air-cushioned and sturdy foam peanuts and support to fill the vacant spaces in the boxes is advisable.

If you are dealing with fragile items, pay more attention to internal packing. The free spaces should be covered with durable and cushioned support.

In case of long distances, you can be sure that several associates will be handling the boxes. If you don’t cover the spaces in the boxes effectively, you increase the risk of getting damaged items upon delivery.

You can overcome these challenges through the use of the box-in-box technique. In this case, you put the box that has your items in a bigger box and then cover the spaces.

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It is also recommended to use H-taping where you cover the edges and closures with tapes. This avoids any kind of damage during handling and shipping.

4. Check The Maximum Weight Of Your Cargo

The gross weight of your items should not exceed the max container load. Over stacking the container is not allowed. You can overcome this challenge by going for vendors selling boxed packaged goods.

Checking max weight is crucial especially when transporting heavy items. You can either weigh the container and item separately or check the gross weight of the whole container.

5. Select Functionality Over The Appearance

There are so many packaging methods that have an amazing look. However, for the sake of protecting your goods, you need to pay more attention to functionality over looks.

There are so many colorful and attractive baskets and sacks in the market. However, the safety of your items comes top on the list.

It is crucial for the item to be delivered in a safe condition. If you need an attractive package, it should pack and duly cover your items with tape. The transitional stops of international shipping make hard packing to be the best option.

6. Base On The Request Of Your Customer

Listening to the customer is crucial when it comes to overseas deliveries. Gather feedback from the past clients regarding the international shipping services that you offer. If some of them are not happy with the condition of their items, put in more effort to improve the packaging.

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It is wise to collect customer feedback once the cargo is delivered. It will give you an idea of your shipping partner and packaging. It will tell you about the weak points and how to improve them.

7. Check The Shipping Restrictions

You have to check shipping restrictions before you begin the process. These restrictions are normally for several reasons including safety concerns.

8. Prepare Documents

The most important shipping documents include the packing list, invoice and export/import customs declaration. You may also need a letter of credit, certificate of origin, arrival notice, certificates and air or rail waybill.

Make sure you prepare all the shipping documents that you need before the shipping. The packing list should contain the marks and numbers that are noted outside the box.

9. Source A Professional Shipping Agent

Check all the process and detail before getting a professional shipping agent. It is good to go for someone who has enough experience in the industry.


Shipping packages overseas is a clear indication that the customer base of your business is expanding. To retain these clients, you have to put several measures in place to guarantee you safe delivery. This article has proposed nine tips that you should put into consideration. The most important thing is to take utmost care to guarantee safe and timely deliveries.

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